If you have got an iPOD, you could take this piece of software, and turn it into a multi-mobil-information-system! It even can sync your rss-feeds. if someone owns an ipod, and works with ipod2go, please post your experiences. It really sounds interesting, though it certainly is no alternative to a windows ce-system where you can edit your entries directly.

Nokia fights Microsoft

I bet you all have already heard it: Nokia bought Symbian shares from Psion, who held about 31 % (apr. 200 mio €). So from now on, Nokia controlls the manufacturer of cell-phone software. Though it seems to be quite clever on the first look (Now Nokia holds 63,3%), smaller producers of cell phones (like siemens e.g.) might dislike Nokias power, and change to Microsoft, as software-supplier to their mobile-phones. I`m not quite sure about my own opinion: having clear standards for integrating cell-phones into daily life is definitely very important. Microsoft, de facto Monopolist of desktop-software, could manage to do that. Symbians only chance is to base its software on platform-free standards.

..being in berlin.

dears, being in berlin at the moment is very nice – on the one hand, because we are staying our the friends house, living a comfortable life. On the other it`s very cold and rainy up here. I`ll be back on monday, brining you intimate stories of our all friend gerhard s. 😉

Add-Supported RSS

As internetnews.com reports, the american start-up RSSAds is going to put Advertising into RSS feeds. There will be several cost-models: among them „pay-per-perfomance“ which is going to be the most attractive one. RSS feeds have become a very interesting instrument for marketers, since spam fills up all our email-boxes. (thanks

Best Company to work for in Germany?

As n24.de reports, Microsoft was the best company to work for in 2003 in Germany. It is said, that even in tough times for the IT, Microsoft tried to realize best working conditions for its employees.

UPDATE: Der 4 eckige Blick

Well, my girlfriend and I have been to the exhibition „der 4. blick“ in cologne yesterday. it´s quite good, though it´s just a small part of the real private collection you can see in the

Poor Ralph!

Dears, I`m shocked. I mean i am really frustrated: I always thought that „Ralph-Siegel“, one of the famoust and succesfulliest song-writers in germany, is just doing a bad job: i mean, it is ok, when you make bad songs, and people love them. its business, you know? But please, do NOT visit his website. You may risc a collapse: i´ve not often seen such a bad-taste site. Stars in the background, uugh…

Beate for gold!

Well, it seems as if our all „Mum“ Beate Uhse will be a globaler player soon: among two days the company showed interest in two firms with an interesting history: as ftd.de reports, they want to get a foot into the american market, taking advantage of potential of general media, which most known magazine is „Penthouse“. Penthouse has suffered a long time, selling only a small share of what playboy and others do. The other interesting firm is „condomi“: in the „new-economy“ it grew impossible fast, pointing into the press with projects like „golden condoms for african states!“,dealing with the „so called problem“ of black man, using white condoms. Well, in vovemner 2003 condomi had massive problems with its cash flow admitting that some investments and strategies of the past might not have been on the right way. As it may come: the legacy of „Beate Uhse“, the „grand dame of sex“, seems to be on a right way.