toca me – design conference

come to munich on the 20th of march and meet some of the (most) interesting designers at the ;-)>TOCA ME – design conference – remember tomato ? they`ve made incredible levis´s commercials. further on there will be insertsilence (björk, playstation,…), Joshua Davis (Redesign google for wired magazine 😉 and 123klan.<7a> (streetknowledge meets technology) speaking. it´s a „must-be“ to be there, if you are a design-driven-human-being 😉 i would like to meet you there 😉

Captital of the 21th century

Well, I was quite astonished to read that Always On Networks are starting a new service on the internet: Zaibatsu, another new social-network beneath orkut, friendster, etc. That leads me to the opinion that finding the right people, finding the right „people-doing-the-right-job“ is the biggest challenge in the new century, and therefore is the
valuabelest capital you can get. (Thanks to for the pointer)

Open-Source „DUST“

As reports, there are obvious tendencies, that „dust technology“ (very small sensors communicating on a new wlan standard) are being developed as open source use – that was a great thing, because this technology will be very powerful in our daily life. Even INTEL supports the opensource-movement – they want their chips to manage the large amount of data that will be generated by the dust-technology.

Future of books?

Cory Doctorow´sexperiment is quite astonishing: in order to find out the future format of books, you are able to download his newest novel. His invitation is to copy the text in any other format you like, and send it back to him – he will publish the new format on his website. Currently it´s available in 17 formats 😉

nokia atom api

What a cool application: asJoi Ito’s Weblog reports,

Open – company Vol II

well, i´ve thought about the idea of creating an open company, in which all business-processes are open. several comments in this blog showed obvious problems: what about your customers? do they really want their names to be open to everyone? i guess, that specialising on certain industries would make sense: webprojects for the government, social-projects: they should be professionally coordinated in an open-company. But how to steer the car? it´s quite complex in organizing thousands of developers, designers, merketers…in order to get one closed project. it would be very helpfully to find new self-organizing-forms in the internet. something like the rating system in e-bay…