Beate for gold!

Well, it seems as if our all „Mum“ Beate Uhse will be a globaler player soon: among two days the company showed interest in two firms with an interesting history: as ftd.de reports, they want to get a foot into the american market, taking advantage of potential of general media, which most known magazine is „Penthouse“. Penthouse has suffered a long time, selling only a small share of what playboy and others do. The other interesting firm is „condomi“: in the „new-economy“ it grew impossible fast, pointing into the press with projects like „golden condoms for african states!“,dealing with the „so called problem“ of black man, using white condoms. Well, in vovemner 2003 condomi had massive problems with its cash flow admitting that some investments and strategies of the past might not have been on the right way. As it may come: the legacy of „Beate Uhse“, the „grand dame of sex“, seems to be on a right way.

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