Well, inspired through this article in wired.com (thanks to Loic Le Meur´s Weblog for the pointer) and due to the fact, that i´m just building up a new business in cologne, i wonder, if there could be a form of „open-company“? Think of it: a kind of blog could be the infrastructure of the company conversation, being open to everyone…Further on all our customer-relationship would be open: every offer, every calculation. That could mean, that there was a new kind of competition: everyone knows which prices we take – so, our customers just decide because of the quality of our work. Through standardized interfaces we could gain more power to our online-projects, building open-networks, in which everyone could participate. Through RSS-Feeds our customers would be able to have a geek inside of every step we take in his project. Total transparency, total control. Imagine you could participate in the design-process of our ci – all of you marketing- and design specialists out there: help us! Join in, designing a totally new kind of company. Of course, i´m well known to all of the risks that were included – others could steel data and ideas. Your opinion?

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