Security of minors in social networks

As AFP reports some of the big social netoworks like facebook and StudiVZ have just signed a commitment to secure minors in social networks. One of the „action points“ seem to be alert buttons for minors, who feel harassed by adults.

In a recent project which launched in october 2008, the „Deutsche Sportausweis“ which is a social network for athletes in germany, we’ve installed a special mechanism to secure minors from adults: the „kids club“. Bild 2.png

Adults are not able to contact or write to minors in any way as long as the minors are not willing to accept a friend request by the adults. Because every sports associateion in germany tells us the age of the participating members, we can secure this mechanism.

The „kids club“ has an entirely different and more „youthful“ design as well as special features (like games for kids). Our Community framework YUMA is able to handle an unlimited number of different templates, and thus functions, for the same underlying structure (multi channelling).