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Twitter as Sales tool – yet another story

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I just stumbled upon a german platform called, and they are offering a service to find local service-providers like haircutters, groceries or what ever. So what makes them unique is the ability to send a request via twitter to the platform. I personally haven’t tried the service yet (just because there’s no party to make at the moment and I don’t need a beer supplier currently 😉 ) but I think it’s the right way to get the users where they are: mobile. Just type something like „@brauche beer this evening“ and your request is posted to the platform and matched against a supplier, who dmessages you an offer. No need for registration here!

That’s a very inspiring and barrier free way to get users on your platform. Congrats to, and good luck!

twitter sales becomes reality

I was looking for a hotel in London the other day, and tried an experiment: post my search on twitter and see what happens. And there you go:

Just some minutes after my post I got retweetet by @frau_one and about 3 minutes later, @ukseries (service with trips to england, tickets, events etc.) followed me. So far so good – but I was really delightet when @smlGEM sent me an offer for a hotel room in their house about 2h later (sorry, guys: you sure have a wonderful hotel – check them out here – but I just can’t afford it). The tweet was very nice, nothing like „cheapest price in town“ but with all relevant information:

smlGEM @fredl We still have rooms @ St Martins Lane for the 25th We’re located by Covent Garden, w/e theatres and Trafalgar Sq.

Now this shows the strentgh of interconnectivity and listen to the real time web – I see a huge potential in there – and it seems to be reality, about what I wrote the other day, about selling products on twitter.

P2P filesharing and the impact on the (video-, movie-, nameit-) industry

I often read articles like „P2P filesharing doesn’t have impact on the music-industry: the music industry is just not able to find new business models“. I thought about that, and I found a point I can understand the industry spending millions on lawsuits against filesharing users.

One often brought argument is

„people are willing to pay for digital content, because in stores like itunes the quality of the content is great and the delivery is fast.“

Yeah, but: If a user can chose between a clean user interface, good quality, a big catalogue and if it’s free or he has to pay: he will chose the free version.

I came across a torrent site with an extraordinary clean interface, very good information about the artists, albums etc., common functions like „people who liked this music, also liked that etc.“. This is a threat to the music industry. When torrent sites start to act like there’s no need anymore to go to a store and buy your content legally – or just because of the „legal“ reason. The music industry is fighting for that.

That’s why I don’t believe in concepts like Nokias „comes with music“ – every dataplan enabled phone is able to play which is perfect for my free preferred music on the go. But when I pay for music (and I actually do, be it a subscription or a pay-per-listen plan) I want to own it.

So, in some ways I can understand the industry: with torrent sites getting more and more „professionel“ I don’t see revenues for them anymore.