twitter sales becomes reality

I was looking for a hotel in London the other day, and tried an experiment: post my search on twitter and see what happens. And there you go:

Just some minutes after my post I got retweetet by @frau_one and about 3 minutes later, @ukseries (service with trips to england, tickets, events etc.) followed me. So far so good – but I was really delightet when @smlGEM sent me an offer for a hotel room in their house about 2h later (sorry, guys: you sure have a wonderful hotel – check them out here – but I just can’t afford it). The tweet was very nice, nothing like „cheapest price in town“ but with all relevant information:

smlGEM @fredl We still have rooms @ St Martins Lane for the 25th We’re located by Covent Garden, w/e theatres and Trafalgar Sq. http://bit.ly/TBEmo

Now this shows the strentgh of interconnectivity and listen to the real time web – I see a huge potential in there – and it seems to be reality, about what I wrote the other day, about selling products on twitter.

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