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AI and Workflow automation – how do they work together?

AI services like Azure, TensorFlow, and Comprehend are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises, as they offer a wide range of benefits. These services can be used to improve workflow automation, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and make them more efficient.

One of the key ways in which AI services can work together with enterprise workflow automation solutions is through the use of standard APIs. E.g. n8n.io provides a standard integration to AWS comprend.


One example use case for this type of integration is in the field of customer service. AI services like Azure and Comprehend can be used to analyze customer feedback and identify common issues or areas for improvement. This information can then be fed into a workflow automation system, which can automatically route the feedback to the appropriate team or individual for further action – with workflow platforms the information can also directly be fed into tools like slack or mattermost

Another example use case is in the field of finance. AI services like TensorFlow can be used to analyze financial data and identify trends or anomalies that may indicate potential issues or opportunities. This information can then be fed into a workflow automation system, which can automatically generate alerts or take other actions as needed.

Integrations of AI services like Azure, TensorFlow, and Comprehend with enterprise workflow automation like solutions can provide a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, improved customer service, and better decision-making. Standard APIs make it easy to integrate these services into existing systems, providing additional capabilities and enabling businesses to get the most out of their workflow automation solutions. Over at my-vpa.com we are running a large n8n farm in order to automate tasks for ourselves and our customers.

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What’s your career path? A matrix approach to career building at my-vpa.

When it comes to company building, core questions to be answered are:

  1. how do you want to set up team structures
  2. how do you want your emplyoees to find their direction and
  3. how you want to incentive them.

During my research for impulses to these questions, I found progression.fyi  a valubale source of inspiration to different, yet transparent apporoaches.

At my-vpa we want to offer a transparent approach to career building

Most notably, all represented companies offer an open-approach to your career path. I find that a smart move to show potential new colleagues their way through the companies „hierarchy“ even before they actually start.

For us I can imagine a kind of career matrix:

  • X-Axis representing the level of cooperation-ability, say „how much influence / repsonibility“ do you have in the company
  • Y-Axis representing your technical skills and levels for each skill

my-vpa career matrix

So this approach mainly values the contributions each collegaue adds to the company, being it as a simple contributor, but highly skilled, or being it at managing an integrated team, but on another technical skill level.

Seite ohne Titel.png

Meaning: a collegau ebeing pisitoined in square C3 adds a similar value to the company as a collegaue in square A3 and thus is being compensated in the same way.

„Technicial“ in this context can mean all disciplines, being it marekting, HR, finance or sales.

This is still work in progress and not yet implemented at my-vpa.

My toughts were also inspired by 8thlight.