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Two factor authentication on AppleTV 2nd Generation

With iOS 10 I was upgrading security to two factor authentication – which comes at a price: convenience. But in essence its the best 2-factor thing I’ve seen so far, what Apple has built. As soon as ayou sign in on an apple device, the iPhone pops up with the question to allow the sign in from a certain location (shows even a map, based on IP adress) and a 6 figure code.

Problem was: the AppleTV didn’t come with an interface to put the code in. So the solution is: put the 6 figure code behind your password like:


„password“ is your standard icloud password. Should be working on toher systems as well.


If you are on any other (non Apple) device, where you are connected via icloud, you need to set a specific password for that application. I need that e.g. for Windows 10 calendar app and after I got my Microsoft Outlook for cheap too. For that, naviagte to: https://appleid.apple.com

Security > Edit > App-sepcific passwords > create password. You can then use that specific password for your needs.