Skinning Open Xchange

So, when you are up to have your own Open Xchange site you might want to do some basic skinning. This includes

  1. The colour TopBar
  2. The Logo

This is being done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Define the Topbar colour in the default themes .less* file:

    @topbar-background: #your colour

  2. Define the Logo in

    background-image: url(‚/appsuite/apps/themes/default/my-small-logo.png‘);

  3. Place the actual Logo in  „/var/www/appsuite/apps/themes/default/“ (notice the same path after „/var/www/….)
  4. run the /opt/open-xchange/appsuite/share/update-themes.sh script to re-generate the css files.

Bonus hint: in the default theme the logo has a width of 60px and a height of 22px.

That’s about it.