Okanda: Book meeting rooms online

Over at Okanda you can now book meeting rooms online – they have a quite big portfolio in germany and UK currently and fastly expanding. And now they even have an image movie – in german 🙂

Disclaimer: I am an investor in Okanda.

‚Sirius‘ Is the Google-Backed Open Source Siri – but Siri is the big Mama.

As with Apple not yet opening their Siri Api, every move their competitors do, is a good one to raise the pressure.

Google seems to back on of the many open source alternatives now, though it’s only in a first beta currently:

‚Sirius‘ Is the Google-Backed Open Source Siri | Motherboard.

There are other movements like api.ai as well, but of course: with the massive installed userbase, Siri is the big mama everybody is waiting for.

It is not quite sure yet, if Apple integrates Siri Api’s into HomeKit, other than e.g. with AppleTV

The most important role for Siri will be with the Apple Watch of course.

I’ve been using Siri here and there, but other than to set the alarmclock for the next morning, there was not much of a use for it.

Only one part, and I am noticing using it on a regular if not daily basis is now: speech-to-text. That works so well, that it writes better and faster emails and messages for me (with less typos 🙂 ) I use it on the iPhone as well as on the Mac: you can activate it in the system settings for the most languages.

Screenshot 2015-03-17 00.21.45

As one could see in Tim’s Demo lastw eek, spoken text on the iWatch can be either send as text or as voice-message, which then makes perfectly sense. As you dictate you see, how Siri „understands“ and brings the text in context and corrects it. If they open their API together with TouchID, Apple really changed they way of interacting with digital devices once again. 

Update: Google just announced to open its „now“ Apis…

Ecto is so. . . 2004.

Having revived my blog, I indeed found one of my first osx blogging clients I was using firstly with movabletype, then typepad and later wordpress – and it was still sitting in my applications.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 23.59.01


A quicksilverish ctrl-space -> „ect“ brought back „ecto“ – and I still love it – though the last news from there „active developers“ is from 2008 (they have been acquired) 🙂

The design hasn’t changed much since the original iMac from around, and the first „glossy“ buttons from osX

Week12: 4 more to go


Felt a bit ill last week, so I I didn’t finalize all the planned runs. Looks different this week, though.

26th April, Dusseldorf Marathon – that’s the goal.

Btw. Screenshot is from Movescount, the Suunto online sports community. Though technically not on the edge, the design is really nice. My (old) Suunto Quest connects via bluetooth to the site, an syncs runs an planned moves vise versa. My marathon training plan is from runners world or so…

Restarting network interface in Ubuntu 14 Desktop

I now had it once or twice, that my enthernet network did not come up again, after suspendig the notebook to sleep-mode. A ifdown && ifup didn’t do the trick either, so that I now came up with this solution:

sudo service network-manager restart  

That does the trick quite well and brings back the network interface.

How to make WordPress auto-update without ftp


Once in a while I have to upgrade a WordPress installation. Running most of the servers on AWS I just enable ports 80 and 22 (http and ssh) in the firewall. As for now I thought, WordPress always needed a ftp connection to do the super-easy auto updates and plugin-updates – looks like, it doesn’t.

If you add the above ( define(‚FS_METHOD‘,’direct’); ) to your wp-config.pgp in the root directory of your wordpress installation, wordpress is able to access the filesystem itself.

You only have to check, that the wordpress directory belongs to the same USER and GROUP like your apache:

1. ps aux | grep apache) -> check for user (mine was www-data)

2. check which group www-data is in: groups www-data

3. chown -R www-data /path/to/your/wordpress

4. chgrp -R www-data /path/to/your/wordpress

And you’re done.

If your iPhone sticks to headphone mode


If your iPhone sticks to Headphone only mode (e.g. no ringing, no signals for twitter, email etc.) try to record a voice memo -> play it back -> turn on speaker.

This helped me to recover to normal mode.

Update: no, just plug your headphones in and out again, might do the trick too 🙂