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Contextual Ads within facebook

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The other day I was looking for a camping car on autoscout24.de – and today I got an ad from them within Facebook with exactly the car, I had clicked on there.

The thing is: I didn’t ever click on a like button on autoscout, nor did I connect to them with my Facebook ID – So, how does Facebook know I have been there, clicking on exactly that ad? Did autoscout save a cookie, which Facebook is allowed to read? Does Facebook provide an interface to publishers, to get the visiting users Facebook ID in exchange of their click behaviour?

Anyway – I’d rather like to see ads which have a meaning to me, than any other – but, and that is the problem with all the behavioural targeting out there: I already have clicked on exactly that car – and so, this is not interesting to me anymore. Please show me cars (items,…) which would be of my interest. And: I don’t want to see ads from autoscout, when I have already been there.

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