Blackberry Stuff

So just got my Blackberry 8800 enterprise and got everything to work. Email Syncing from my Pop3 is easy – you will have to set up an blackberry internet mail account and enter your private account data there. For T-Mobile in germany this is e.g. here. Of course iSync won’t work out of the box (mac osx) but there’s a free piece of software from blackberry, which syncs everything like a charme. Findeable here (important: RESTART YOUR MACHINE AFTER INSTALLATION 😉 ). What is really blowing me away is google maps with GPS support for the blackberry – this is really unbelievable. But first you will have to change your TCP IP settiings in options -> more options -> TCP – the things you have to put in there, you’ll find here . Btw: these settings are cruical, in order to get all your applications with internet connections set up. though the device only has a GPRS connection, the data comes in very fast. All in all, I’m just missing a camera – but the 8800 is really cool.

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