T-Community terms-of-service changes

Ok, when you are in the business you know, that user generated content has it´s problems: how can you be able to ensure no misuse of your service, how can you gain a certain quality. T-Community has just changed it´s terms of service now scoring your adress

Bild 1-1

I wonder how much security this might bring: I guess it might be 75% of the users filtered out, wo offered a wrong, non existant adress.

I´m not quite sure if I like it. I mean, when you have any service which is payment based you certainly need more security about your customers – adress- scoring alone wouldn´t help. And every scoring costs money – I´d like to know which database T-Com is using within it´s Community: when they are using creditrefom or such it´s between 0,10 – 0,25 EUR per scoring – quite a lot – but maybe they have an own one coming from their experience of having a quasi monopol in the german telephone market (at least for a long time).

Another change is a quite popular one at the moment in the world of user generated content:

Bild 2

The community gains all the rights in the material you are uploading. Their goal is clear: in exchange for using their service for free, they want the rights for your content. The problem is, that as long as they don´t have the rights they are legally a service provider in germany, who has not to control every uploaded file – the user is the publisher and is responsible for all the legal questions within his content. By canging this term now T-Community is responsible, and this could cost them a lot of tme and money, if users started to misuse their platform. I would suggest to let the rights at the user – asking him time by time if you might use his content for advertising cases.

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