Google acquired Jotspot

Now this is grate news: as Joe Kraus just announces on the Google blog, his company Jotspot has just been acquired by google. Congrats to the whole team, especially to the very nice guy Jim: we (especially Ewa) designed their guided tour just before their first launch back in 2004! It looks as if Jotspot services from now on are a free part of the google web suite. This takes Google a lot more into the direction to become the new Office Suite of the web.

Ormigo Launched!

Bild 1-3

They did it: ormigo, the company of my dear friends oli and henning, launched their network today. It´s great to see how consequently and professionaly they did their job, finding investors, building a marveless team and always kept smiling even during dark times. I wish you the very best, you´ll really rock the house (and I´m looking forward to a glas of champagne when I´m back in the office 😉 And by the way: I really like the design, baby… 😉

Vodafonelive is live

Yesterday the new Vodafone Live! portal in germany launched, and it was a quite short term project. Background is that Vodafone is launching its new DSL services here in germany and therefore wanted to offer an entertainment portal to their customers. The portal is mainly focused on Music: services from the global partner Sony were integrated – but much more, there´s a new community section. This consists of the integration of clipfish (videosharing-platform and RTL company), and several other partners. Additionally there´s a "magazine" part which is operated by the existing Vodafone live crew from the long existing WAP Portal.
As a very small benefit we integrated the vodafone image movie.
As mentioned, the whole portal was planned and realized within a range of three month – and if someone knows, how much politics and different parties are involved in companies like VF, you might consider this quite fast. The portal isn´t perfect yet (still firefox issues – uuurgh!)- it´s going to be a process with a lot of bugfixing in the background – but I really like the design and the "clearness" of the portal.
I´m excited to see more features coming – I´m not quite sure if another web-portal is really useful, but especially the editorial staff and the marketing ops are trying to build something of worth. Let´s see how the customers/users will take aware of this…;)
(disclaimer:  I´m currently  working as a consultant for Vodafone D2 and was involved in the planning and realization of the launch of the vf-live portal, integration of partner content and developing further strategies for new features of the next releases – and I really like these disclaimers 😉 )

T-Community terms-of-service changes

Ok, when you are in the business you know, that user generated content has it´s problems: how can you be able to ensure no misuse of your service, how can you gain a certain quality. T-Community has just changed it´s terms of service now scoring your adress

Bild 1-1

I wonder how much security this might bring: I guess it might be 75% of the users filtered out, wo offered a wrong, non existant adress.

I´m not quite sure if I like it. I mean, when you have any service which is payment based you certainly need more security about your customers – adress- scoring alone wouldn´t help. And every scoring costs money – I´d like to know which database T-Com is using within it´s Community: when they are using creditrefom or such it´s between 0,10 – 0,25 EUR per scoring – quite a lot – but maybe they have an own one coming from their experience of having a quasi monopol in the german telephone market (at least for a long time).

Another change is a quite popular one at the moment in the world of user generated content:

Bild 2

The community gains all the rights in the material you are uploading. Their goal is clear: in exchange for using their service for free, they want the rights for your content. The problem is, that as long as they don´t have the rights they are legally a service provider in germany, who has not to control every uploaded file – the user is the publisher and is responsible for all the legal questions within his content. By canging this term now T-Community is responsible, and this could cost them a lot of tme and money, if users started to misuse their platform. I would suggest to let the rights at the user – asking him time by time if you might use his content for advertising cases.

Back from Mallorca

Foto 25 I´ve never been to Mallorca before, and have to say: I liked it. Mallorca is a kind of „Volkswagen“ within holiday-destinations: it´s high quality, worth it´s money and quite „german“ – but sometimes a bit „boring“ with too many people driving the same car visiting the same places. We had wonderful weather – no back to work!