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behind the scenes Flickr is the best tool I know for. People are getting into discussions about the photos and they are debating. I just got to know, that Clinton after the Hurrican Andrew in 1992 reformed the FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the states, in a way, that he was able to declare a land

scape as a „desaster area“ even before a hurrican really made landfall. This reform was *SO* important because of the declaration as a „disaster area“ enabled emergency funds to help people to evacuate or to better protect themselves – one major problem of Katrina /was/is that the poor weren´t able to buy gas, weren´t able to evacuate: their bodies are now lying in the sea. The Bush administration set the reforms back before the Clinton reform – they didn´t even gave instructions to where to evacuate: to moon, to mars? No joking here, but: such pictures make me sick when you know, more people could have been safed. Damn!

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