Mediatuner.com is quite cool

Mediatuner.com is a webbased Flash-All-Media-Feed-Aggregator. What does that mean? It scans all kinds of mediatypes (Videos, texts, Pictures, etc.) and combines them all in a bloglines-style webbased frontend. You can add your own feeds, though there are some preconfigured. All in all I like the idea, but somehow it doesn´t work that properly: I tried it on my mac with camino, and the pop-up, in which the quicktime stream of a movie should play, didn´t  work properly. The window wanted to resize itself somehow. When they are using Flash – why not playing all media in Flash? It´s the perfect technology for "All-Format-Playback". One is able to convert all incoming formats and streaming them on the fly. motionet has done so quite a time ago. All in all I like the idea – though anonther problem, which could be solved but isn´t right now from mediatuner, is the problem of resizing the sections of the frontend: What about long feed names? They aren´t readable anymore, and when there are more than 12 items in your list, you have to start scrolling – in bloglines e.g. one can resize the window (which is oure html of course). This is possible in flash generally, too. (via gigaom.com)


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