WEB TV, and the problems of the authorities

Found an interesting article on PSFK.com around the British BBC, and their problem with free internet TV. Public TV is, as in germany, financed through a fee every TV watcher has to pay (per month/year). The question is if people are willing in the future to pay for a program they could get for free on the net. My answer is yes and no. No: If I can get the same content via Internet, why should I use my TV – btw. in the future you´ll have a kind of „homeCenter“ where you can choose between SAT TV, Internet, Cable TV or whatelse. And Yes: people will always be willing to pay for GOOD CONTENT. And that´s the key: The BBC made it for years, having a very GOOD WEBSITE! (they are so crazy: if you are coming back for several times, the website recognizes you an highlights your special interest stories). But the quality race will become faster: as for the fact that all budget you need to make a movie is about some thousand euros, the competition will grow. More and more private content will flood the net – and it will be highly recommendable. So please, BBC, you have your chance to do good job, because you have a huge viewer potential all around the world (and the net)

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