Multimedia content delivery: a discussion

We are just having an interesting discussion over at Om Maliks. It all began with his post about Jeremy Allaire, who has just launched a multimedia start-up. (Yes, he was the guy behind Coldfusion, Homesite, etc.). This is getting a little scary, ´cause we´ve done such things about a year ago – sadly we had no financial power to push it further. But that´s another story. What happened? Jeremy Allaire is going to deliver multimedia content with his startup BrightCove. But he doesn´t tell us how he´s going to manage it. Om Malik has his thoughts about it („XML/FLASH“) and I totally agree with him, though I think it won´t be a new IP VIDEO PLATFORM. It´s a question of putting the right existing components together – the technology is out there! One major issue I see is the question on how to finance the delivery: are customers willing to pay for the traffic (and this is not a minor issue, though Alex is right with saying, that when there´s one fix price out there, there´ll be six others who deliver cheaper.) Alex and I were discussing whether people will want to download their stuff, or just let it stream. Though podcasting teaches me another way, I´m convinced that in the long term there will something like a xyz-flickr be, you´ll tag your data, and get wherever and whenever you want it – you´ll get ip´s everywhere (especially since I got 3G I´m convinced about that). Now this is going into a very interesting direction: what will the UI for the content be? BrightCove is hinting at open standards – now, this could mean something like svg (which is lame) or maybe some self developed java stuff? Let´s see – a lot of problems need to be solved – I´m looking forward to this…

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