I think I´ve found security hole in bloglines.com

When I was searching google.de today with my companies name „gojou“ I got several search-results: The first 5 entries hit our website and some sub-categories….but then I found a „bloglines-feed“ regarding my companies project server basecamp-hq. MMmmmh, our project server serves an RSS-feed with all the new comments and uploaded files etc. This is a very nice feature, unless: EVERYBODY CAN READ IT. *bang* Is it my fault? Of course I´m getting all my feeds through bloglines.com, but why the hell do they make them google-searchable? I wrote them an email, suggesting to let the user decide, wether he wants his feeds being searchable, or not. What do you think?
UPDATE: I´ve to admit, that there seems to be no security hole in bloglines.com but in my head. Thx to Oliver who told me, that you can mark a feed as „private“, so that it won´t show in google…Thx, my friend 😉

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