Right for references

Maybe anyone can help me with my question: Is there a right for references? More concrete: When you have worked for a company, equally as an employe or rather as en external company, do you have the right to show this work as your reference? Even when you have done only a small part of a project, do you have the right to say, this or that company is my customer? I´m not quite sure. Please help, thanks a lot in advance…

Finished: Every Business is a growth business

This book was really exciting: I´ve never read a book before, which is so practical and helpful. It starts with the question if there were mature markets. And it gives the answer: There are no. Using a ot of real examples, Ram Charan and Noel Tichy explain how to segment markets, developing broader ponds and take your business to sustainable growth. The second big question is about seeing your company from the outside-in. The book gives practical hints on how to start surveys asking employes and customers of their view of your company. Though the book is not too easy to read (maybe it´s just about my missing business-english), all the examples and insider-stories make it a book worth to be read.

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Sometimes i think this world doesn’t make any sense anymore:human beings are being tortured while complain about the weather-you,that you read this lines in this moment-you live in peace,in freedom,you can express yourself!Don’t forget the rest of the world-we have to put ourselves together and do something!Lets help those,who have no voice,can’t use the internet,don’t know about tomorrow.

Office Life…

David Weinberger on Worthwile wrote an article which spoke directly to my heart. It´s about the difference between working from home, or go to an office everyday. In my momentary life situation I have both: One part of my agency is in Bielefeld, where I own an office, the other part is here in Cologne (by the way: we are looking for office rooms), it´s a homeoffice. Working from both has both side of the medal: one the one side it´s nice to cook in between, have an our of sleep during the day (I´ve never done that, but it comes to my mind, that it´s a nice possibility) or do your job at every time you want to. Especially very, very nice is the fact, that I´m able to stay with my girlfriend the whole day. But I sometimes miss the things I feel, when I´m in Bielefeld: I stand up in the morning and go to the office – on the way I fetch some bread and have breakfast in the office – someone already cook coffee – for lunch our team decides where to go – there´s „high-life“ the whole day, and the communication-ways are extremely short and effectively. In the evenings I sometimes stay until 23 o`clock – but it´s OK, because I somehow feel home, too. So, office life is very important for me, and I´m happy, that I can choose. It´s quite dangerous working from home, because you never no when to stop…;-)

Good marketing: Commerzbank

This happened to me today: I have been in town and needed some money – so I went to the next bank, which was a „Commerz Bank“ – unfortunately my account is at the „Sparkasse“ – so I had to pay some fee. But it was a question of time: I put my Maestro Card into the Bankomat, and suddenly a well made screenshot came to me, showing me, that Commerzbank was cheaper, better, and more userfriendly (you know all that marketing stuff)…I´ve never recognized this before: The Bankomat had found out, that I was an external User, and made this offer to me. Since I´m very pleased with my „Sparkasse“ I don´t want to change, but this marketing was very good. Well done 😉

Nokia expands its business

Now look at this: Nokia presents a surveillance camera, which sends pictures via MMS on your request. This is a logical conclusion from their development on camera-handys and MMS services, for developing new markets. Wonderfull strategy right from „learning books“ 😉