Linux at the tipping point

I´ve found this interesting article on, and it deals with the question in how far Linux is a real alternative to Windows. And I´ve to say, that I don´t really agree with the author´s opinion, that Linux is a switch worth: From my own experience I´ve to say, one has to differ between Linux as desktop- and ServerOS. All Servers I´ve setup with Linux are still running fine (mostly using SUSE). They are secure and stable, and since it has an automical update-function, it´s quite easy to handle. Get it running and forget it…On the other hand there just too much bugs and missing features, to really use it as a desktop OS: Have you ever tried to surf the internet with SUSE´s „konqueror“? Get on a site with CSS, and you know what I mean. Simple tables are not displayed in the right way: These are just basics! Open office is a near katastrophy, too: Got an excel-sheet with a good layout (I mean it´s tough enough to make en excel-sheet layout quite good-looking under windows, though…)? Open it in OpenOffice and it´s bursting apart. All these small things makes daily working with Linux not possible in any professional environment. Sorry, but it still might take some time….

Why mp3?

I´ve just clicked through my iTunes player, and found all these radio-streams suddenly thinking: Why downloading mp3? My favourite one comes in 128 kBit very good quality, has no commercials, and a nice playlist. I bet there will come more and more, managing your next party, your next barbecue, your next romantic happening with your partner in the bathtub…So why mp3, when internet goes mobile?

Googleblog: Did they understand..?

Mmhh, I wrote about the new Google-Blog some days ago, and went back to it today. There was an interesting post from Mr.Edwards, who explains the goals of the blog, and that Larry and Sergey might blog something from time to time, but it was not for sure….I first thought, in the context of googles IPO it was a clever strategy to use blog-communication-functionality in order to reach your customers. But when they start a blog, they should consider to allow comments, making the whole blog a working tool. It doesn´t have to be that anonymous anymore. By now it´s just a bad experiment.