Linux at the tipping point

I´ve found this interesting article on siliconvalley.com, and it deals with the question in how far Linux is a real alternative to Windows. And I´ve to say, that I don´t really agree with the author´s opinion, that Linux is a switch worth: From my own experience I´ve to say, one has to differ between Linux as desktop- and ServerOS. All Servers I´ve setup with Linux are still running fine (mostly using SUSE). They are secure and stable, and since it has an automical update-function, it´s quite easy to handle. Get it running and forget it…On the other hand there just too much bugs and missing features, to really use it as a desktop OS: Have you ever tried to surf the internet with SUSE´s „konqueror“? Get on a site with CSS, and you know what I mean. Simple tables are not displayed in the right way: These are just basics! Open office is a near katastrophy, too: Got an excel-sheet with a good layout (I mean it´s tough enough to make en excel-sheet layout quite good-looking under windows, though…)? Open it in OpenOffice and it´s bursting apart. All these small things makes daily working with Linux not possible in any professional environment. Sorry, but it still might take some time….

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