Europe in the future

Welcome to 2004, an welcome for a new round of discussions about our european structure in the future. A good article about that can be found here, (try Babelfish for translation) written by the former president of the szeck republic Mr. Havel. In short it deals with the question, of how new EU-countries like Latvia, Turkey or Estonia, and the „old europe“ can fit togehter in one organisation. Will it be a form of „United States of Europe“? It is very important to have in mind, that these countries were dependent on a sovjet-union-system for centuries, an now want to be independent in an ideological way. So, there must be a common economical structure among european countries, but it seems to be very difficult to find a universal „self-understanding“ in a social point of view. I think it is more important in this context, to create something new, than adobt the USA as a model. Maybe there won`t be the USE (United States of Europe) but some kind of LSE (Liberal states of Europe).

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