New Year 2004

I`ve just read a very interesting article in the „Wirtschaftswoche“, dealing with the question of what will happen to our economy 2004 in germany, and why our history plays a very important role in there: in 1972, when there was full employment, and every employee could choose whether he wanted to work in his company or in another, there were nearly no hierarchically structures within the companies. Just because there was enough work, and everybody could tell his boss: Hey, I`m unlucky, I`ll change the company! Thats true freedom! Nowadays everybody is moaning about bad feelings at work. We should stop that, and give some of our material freedom for our immaterial freedom! It`s more important to be happy, than earning several Euros more per month. Lets go, and work 40 hours, let`s go and take 10% less wages, and there will be no one left on the street. That´s my wish for 2004. Learning from the past, gaining more freedom: Wirtschaftswunder, Part 2.

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