Airtunes in existing WLAN

Did I ever tell you how much I love Apple? It’s not only the design, but the simplicity…

We live in a maisonette having my old iBook with an external HD as music server on the upper level: our goal was to bring the music down to the kitchen. That for we bought an Airport Express (with the possibility to plug active speakers in) – though the guys at Gravis told me, Airport Express is not able to integrate itself into an existing WLAN. Well, guys: it’s that simple:

1) connect to your Airport Express through a cable

2) start the airport admin (not the assistant)

3) choose „connect with existing network“

Bild 1-15

4) enter name of your network (if it’s a hidden SSID just type the correct name in the field

5) Click on „security“ and enter the right passphrase

6) Click on the „music“ tab and give your airtunes a nice name: „kitchen“

Bild 2-4


Bild 3-3 Click on the „internet“ tab – the airport express shoukld have gotten an IP in case you’ve DHCP enabled in your WLAN. In case of static IP simply put in a right adress from the right adress-pool

8) Safe everything back to your Airport Express – and wait for a restart. Unplug your cable to the AE. A green LED means it’s connected correctly to the WLAN.

9) chose the destination in iTunes, where your music shall go to – it’s even possible to enter more than one output (Kitchen, Computer, bathroom,…)

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P.s.: We bought the JBL spot’s: marveless design and hell, what a brilliant sound. In my opinion better than the soundsticks from h&k