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Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie

For all of you, who are interested in classic-music: I went to the philharmonie in cologne last friday, and it was a great concert of the „Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen“ (Website). We heard pieces of Bach, Muffat and Schütz. It was a very great pleasure to hear the orchester, trying to play in the „old mannor“: they use strings made out of intestine instead of steal. This ends in a very soft sound. So check them out, if you can.

X-Mas Shopping in Germany

You won`t believe this: Everybody is moaning about the bad economical situation in Germany – especially the bad turnarounds during the x-mas time. Well, my girlfriend and I went to a shop in cologne and wanted to buy some red socks we saw behind the glass. The friendly salesman told us, they would be the last pair they have in the shop. We said: it´s ok. – we take them. But guess what: he wouldn`t sell them to us! Just because it was the last pair! As long as Retailers have this freedom, our situation can`t be that worse!

first entry

well, isn`t x-mas a very fine day to start my blog?
i`ll use it t keep in touch with the „real“ world. living in cologne and bielefeld the same time, it`s quite hard for me to keep in touch with all my friends and dears…so the internet gives me the opportunity to share a small part of my life with all of you. we`ll have fun, and maybe we can exchange news about all the themes we are interested in. i`m excited, wether this will work, or not…