Just read: Sales Management. Simplified.: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

Who: From Mike Weinberg, he’s a passionate, well, „sales-consultant“, and sells himself quite good.

About what: Sales. And Sales Management. If you want to build a sales team, this might be a source of inspiration.

Top 10 Notes and Quotes from the book:

  1. You cannot build a sustainable productive , healthy sales culture without a laser focus on goals and results .
  2. You Can Manage, You Can Sell, but You Can’t Do Both at Once

  3. Players play and coaches coach — and that’s all there is to it
  4. Sales Manager: They don’t micromanage every detail
  5. “ Your job is not to have mercy on operations ; your job is to bury the bastards . ”
  6. „Hunting for new business involves risk , conflict , and rejection . Those three elements are ever – present . The beauty in that ? Top sales hunters know and accept the conditions of the role . They are energized by the risk , love the battle , look forward to the conflict , and could not care less about being rejected .“
  7. „…doesn’t it make infinitely more sense not to commission all sales dollars the same , but instead to pay more commission for a new sale and less for an existing sale?“
  8. “ sales follows strategy . ”
  9. This nonsense that sellers shouldn’t be pursuing prospective clients is exactly what lazy , reactive salespeople want to hear , and it’s killing them .
  10. When salespeople lead with their product or service , it is impossible to be perceived as consultants or trusted advisors . When you live by the product then you die by the product .
I receive an affiliate kickback if you buy the book on amazon. All kickbacks go to a charity organization from my hometown, Neue Schmiede Bethel

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