Working with Bamboo Paper and the iPad

You may remember the old, chunky Wacom Tablets, designers and illustrators were using with their Apple PowerPC G4 in the late 90s. Then the iPad came and some years later Bamboo Paper, a digital Notebook, made by Wacom (or acquired?!)


You can buy a pen as well (I got the solo), which really makes sense, though you can use it with your fingers also quite well.

Bamboo really changed the way I keep notes and even make concepts or presentations and use my iPad in a productive way. As I am into Keynote for presentation stuff, hand-drawn illustrations really give them a personal and individual touch – and it’s super simple.

You can organize your work into different notebooks with different paper styles – there is no OCR but I don’mind because I haven’t seen that working anywhere in a useful way yet.

You can share either single sheets or a whole notebook directly in your Dropbox in a Bamboo native format or as PDF.