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Holidays in Austria: and some things might change

At the beginning of the year, my wife and I went to Austria, in the region of Kaernten, and had wonderful days in a small chalet.
These are the days one might start to think about things, and especially of those, which might have to change.
And as it was the beginning of the year (and yes, there are changes upcoming, oh yes…) I was starting to sort things out-first of all: restructuring my digital life on the web. When I started blogging in 2003 the platform of choice was (after movabletype) typepad.
As it was common in those days my nickname on the web was fredlog.de – just because: one had
to have nicknames…
But things have changed since then, and so I am now concentrating everything on the domain Bornholz.com (thanks to my wife, she has chosen jackibornholz.com for her site, so I may use this one-thanks darling 🙂 ).
So, be warmly welcomed to follow me here-as I feel a strong demand in myself, to start blogging on a regular basis again-to be honest: a big part of my (work) success until today has come from blogging in the early days.

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