Pollr – my simple RSS to twitter engine

I wrote about it some month ago – I was looking for a RSS to twitter service – but couldn’t find one.

My usecase is quite simple: In Google Reader I have a blogroll of appr. 200 blogs I am following. But to be honest – I’m using Google Reader less and less. Even Reeder on the iPad is an application I rarely use. So I was looking for a service where I could post my OPML to and which sends me Updates from these blogs via twitter. Haven’t found one – so I built it myself on the weekend.

Currently I’m running it on my local macbook – all I need is a cron job, some php stuff an a mysql DB.

I exportet an OPML file from Google Reader and imported it into my mysql – the engine then pulls all RSS feeds and saves them to the DB. I set up another twitter account (twitter.com/vloop) and registered that application so that it can send updates.

Bildschirmfoto 2011-03-08 um 17.38.05.png

If one of the blogs from my blogroll sends an update, my engine grabs that entry (the cronjobs checks all blogs every 10 minutes) and posts them to @vloop. @vloop tweets the headline and a link of that article with an @fredl in front, which is my nick on twitter. So I get noticed everytime a new blogpost is written throughout my entire blogroll.

Like the idea? Should I set it up for the public? 🙂

UPDATE 1: oh, I love fancy names – so I called it Pollr (which is quite 2006 somehow:) )

UPDATE 2: Oh, and thanks to Pollr I have new blog posts in my flipboard as well 🙂

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