Strato online Storage

I never would have thought to write positive about germany based Hoster Strato – but the online storage solution HiDrive is really a big winner – not only you can use the most important protocols like webdav, scp, vpn, to connect to your storage, it has an integrated backup solution as well. Furthermore you can share any file via a download link, and restrict e.g. for 2 downloads in 12 h. WebAcess for accessing the files is obligatory.

With build in VPN it might be possible to mount it even for OSX Time Machine backups – but haven’t tried that yet.

All the service comes with a fantastic price: e.g for private user 1TB of online storage comes for 19,90 EUR / month – that is just about 0,02 EUR per GB with FREE up- and download traffic – to be honest, I haven’t found any other online provider with such an extended feature set for that incredibly cheap price.

Now the magazine computerbild offers in its current issue an introduction price of 3,33 EUR for a lifetime 30GB online storage. One has to buy the current issue of the magazine (it’s 1,5 EUR) in order to get the special-code. (maybe to find on ebay).

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