Twitter is killing RSS

I’m using bloglines since 2003 as my webbased RSS aggregator, and for years it has been my site of choice to start the day: where’s a new article, where’s a new discussion going on. But since some month I experience my twitter client (seesmic for the moment) to be the first place to go – why? Because it works like a user-filtered aggregator of the news going on. I suppose 70-80% tweets of my friends contain links to interesting articles and news. Since I’m trying to keep a „clean“ following list, I trust the posted links as „relevant“ for me. Therefore it might be a good idea for a search engine to filter those tweets, wich really conatin links – ‚cause I’d trust them more and would follow them more often than plain, „machine“ based link results. It might be a good idea for google to add this filter and place them at the top of their result list as a mix of „trusted“ sources and algorithm based results.

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