Once upon a time: „SYMP“

Tonight I’ve been doing some backup stuff, and when I went through all the files, I found a directory called „backup_240106“: it contained a neat PDF I had forgotten: a first presentation of „SYMP“, which I had written on the 24.08.05 – SYMP (which fancy-like stodd for Sync Your Mobile Phone) was a kind of „MobileMe“ which I had thought of back in ’05 – and I remember a guy called „Nico“ which I had some nice discussions about that (and several beer in cologne, if I remember correctly 😉 ). The idea was to have a kind of open source CVS or SVN for everybody, with easy to use Accessing-Apps as well for the Desktop, as for your mobile. Of course, there was no idea about the iPhone back then, but I was thinking of J2ME, as it was (is) widely spread among mobiles in that times. There should have been a kind of XML index, for all syncing files, so that on your mobile, only the xml would have been parsed – and if you „ordered“ a document within, the device would have downloaded it, in order to reduce traffic-costs (which back then were the main problem). I feel like I should have thought about that idea in more depth, but as Loic can’t stop saying: Only execution matters. 😉

SYMP Presentation (german)

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