Black Macbook MagSafe Board

After I „offered“ my Macbook to the rain in last August, the battery didn’t charge anymore, though the macbook works seamlessly. After reading a lot on the net, I now decided to get myself a new magsafe board, which is a small piece sitting inside the macbook, and connects the magsafe connector to the mainboard – I suppose, this is broken due to the rain. After trying 120345890 times to get someone at gravis to the phone, I finally went there last saturday, wanting to order the spare part. All they said: Apple dosen’t sell spare parts, and so do we (ehm, well, ok…). Now I ordered it at comtecedv.de Let’s see how this will work out.

UPDATE:I’ve just finished installation of the new Magsafe board – but it didn’t work – so, the mainboard seems to be defect ;( Damn – could have been so easy. Btw: got two screws left – hope that doesn’t hurt my MB 😉

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