Whew, wheres 2008 gone???

So I havent blogged for a while-and yes,twitter is one reason for that 😉
Many things have happened: I now live in a cute flat in ehrenfeld in cologne, with direct view to the Dom – unfortunately I am not yet ready, and I have to live with the boxes 😉 it’s too much work to do-but I don’t want to complain- no, not for a second! Motionet is really growing and we mamaged to finish some really exciting projects this year- and there are still some great new customers to be anounced 😉 but for me personally our p2p in-browser streaming tool emundoo is the most exciting project,and I’m really proud of what we managed to reach this year – there is still a long way to go, but we are going into first public tests by the beginning of the new year,and boy: these partners really rock…
I’m not quite sure how the current financial crisis will work out and if our business will be affected- but we have a great team and so I think we will manage what will come whatsoever…
I’ve just organized my first holidays since ages: I am going to fly to Stockholm, Sweden, on the 27th for some days and will then take the ferry to Riga, Lattvia-I am going to meet a good friend of mine and stay there for new year-during planning I found couchsurfing.com a very cool community for finding and sharing your couch with people from all over the world:for Stockholm alone there seem to be more than 1000 acommodation possibilities -that’s impressive. Let’s see how things are going to work out-I’ll let you know and post some „cold) pictures 😉

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