OSX Umlaut svn problem

We found a workaround for the OSX svn problem: You might want to add this small pre-commit script to your svn which checks for umlauts before commit and gives the user a warning:





## NOTE: This is a quick hack! WILL let many „dangerous“ characters pass!

if $SVNLOOK changed -t „$TXN“ „$REPOS“ | grep ‚^A.*\\195‘ >&2


echo „Auf diesem Server sind nur ASCII-Zeichen erlaubt!“. >&2

exit 1


exit 0


MySQL Enterprise support – not that cool

For quite a large project we booked MySQL Enterprise Support. As always when working with 3rd party companies we needed to set up an NDA with them. Unfortunately MySQL germany is not able today to accept our standard NDA – they have to use the american version which allows MySQL to use everything their consultants do not „write down“, but „keep in their minds“. I’ve never seen such an NDA up today – and of course we could not accept that 😉


Crazy days in a startup

motionet is getting a year now, and it’s really great to see al these cool apps evolving we have developed and all the great projects we’ve done with our team. Unfortunately there’s always too few time to write about all the details, but yesterday was a really crazy day. It’s not always like that, but let me introduce to you my start in the week yesterday:

7:30: Gettin up, driving to Dusseldorf

9:00: Checking Emails, doing some planning/scheduling for the week

10:00: Discard an employee

10:30: Preparing PPT for a presentation on friday

12:00: Business Lunch at the korean restaurant, strategic evolvement of an employee

13:00: Developing mathematical solutions for a project, together with an university

14:00: job interview with a developer from Ukraine (unbelievable guy)

15:30: hiring him 😉

16:00: Email stuff, Projectmanagement in one of our key projects

19:00: Business dinner in one of the finest italian restaurants in dusseldorf, with some Saudi-guys for a huge project in middle-east

24:00: Going to bed, exhausted, but full of excitement

This was not a normal day, but it’s just great fun and satisfying, being able to do such a great work 😉


Among the runners again

Bild 1-23

Since being in hospital in Sep 2007 it’s been my first short run again today – just half an hour down the rhine but boy, it felt that great! Especially in my new shoes… 😉