First bits and bites of emundoo

I’m so excited: after appr. 6 month of development I just saw the first live-streamed p2p video in my webbrowser in our office. Not that I would know, but it somehow feels like giving a baby to birth – and it has got a name: emundoo! More to come in the next weeks. I’m not the man of big words, but: Thanks so much to you, guys (especially Thomas, Ronny and Jens) for making this real – it’s going to be huuuuuge 😉

Baidu is eroding

Bild 1-22

I went into Baidu in mid-November 2007 (300$) and was quite happy to see them rising nearly +80$ (+30%) during December. They now have fallen to 279 $ – not quite sure why. They were on „buy“ in the first week of 2008. I’ve read something about them in one of my feeds – can’t find the article again. Was it, that China is opening the internet more and more for Goog and friends? (Nasdaq)

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Another stock I’m watching for quite a time is northern rock: after their ruin in Sep 207 they fell like hell: from 1157 p to 101 p for today. this morning I read an article that the billionaire Richard Branson (Virgin Group) is getting serious in paying back 24 billi. GBp to the Bank of England. I Somehow think this is a stock with potential – NR competence was in the emerging private-finance sector. (LSE)