Used Vista now the whole day – and am still alive…

Well, first of all I have to say, I’m really thankful, that our cat is still alive: over the weekend he must have bitten into the battery charger of my macbook – thankfully into the thinner side of the cable with 12V , not 230 V 😉 But I was not able to buy a new one today, so I had to rely on my Vista driven ThinkPad T61. Mh: it’s really ugly compared to the black macbook – but: it’s fast (basically since I put those 3GB in – Vista DOES NOT WORK with 2 GB or less) and for today I set up some neat features, which makes it really „usable“ (I know, these are luxury problems 😉 ):

  • Thunderbird as my IMAP client works like a breeze: it’s really fast and setting it up even with my secondary gmail IMAP account was no problem.
  • Of course, Firefox for everything internet.
  • Tortoise svn client
  • MS Project (basically the reason I own a thinkpad)
  • The Last.FM client
  • Skylight for the „workflow“
  • Skype – of course
  • Pandion for AIM and our internal jabber server
  • Visio for the drawing
  • iTunes
  • Command and Conquer 3 (tssssss….)
  • And finally WORD as blogging tool (First entry, so let’s see if it works 😉

What I really like with the TP is the fingerprint – scanner at the login (and wow, Vista really works with „sleep mode“)

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