Ideas for seesmic

Loic wanted feedback, so here’s mine ;): Loic has just startet his fifth company, seesmic, and it’s going t be something like twitter for video. What I like is the idea of quickly recording yourself in a video message in order to express some quick thoughts, like Oli did today. We’ve done something similar in a kind of karaoke system: on fan-clips.de, which is the football fan community of the 1.FC Köln, you can record yourself, while watching the official club hymn: you can win a prize when the jury has voted you as best singer – see my bad trials here – I definitely won’t win ;). But back to seesmic: what I see as kind of problematic is that in video the publisher defines the speed of the reception of the viewer: I can only get the information from the video-message, when the person has "spoken" it, "acted" or whatever. When I read my RSS Feeds, or my twitter feed, I can quickly jump to the next paragraph, kind of "scan" an article for keywords and just read that particular part. So it would be great for seesmic to have a system for comments or viewpoints you can jump to, which have clear tags. They should be able to be set by the publisher in an easy way and extended by the community. When I slide over them with my mouse, I could "scan" the whole movie in advance – maybe a kind of preview picture could be implemented, too. Got some ideas in that direction…

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