Blogging get’s more important again

Im blogging since 2003 and seem to have my seasons.

In total I wrote 478 blogposts and it looks, as if the summer is not the best blogging season for me.

What I’ve noticed is that I had a very bad 2006 – 67 compared to 226 back in 2004 😉 But in times of twitter and a possible „overkill“ of information and communication channels I now find blogging „interesting“ again. It’s because it’s not too fast – one can think of the articles one wants to write an since some weeks it’s getting real fun again. Let’s see how it develops in 2008 😉


  1. P.s.: If you want to have the same „fancy“ stats like above, here’s how to (this is for you, Oli 😉
  2. Typepad allows an export of all your posts, you can save it as post.htm
  3. Made this small PHP script to parse all the INFO after the word „DATE:“


    $filename = „post.htm“;

    $fp = fopen ($filename, „r“);

    $inhalt = fread ($fp, filesize ($filename));

    fclose ($fp);

    $array = explode(„DATE: „,$inhalt);

    for ($i=0; $i< count($array); $i++)


    echo substr($array[$i], 0, 11).“,“;



    This gives you all the dates of your posts, separated by comma

  4. Import it into Excel, sort it accordingly and voila, your done 😉

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