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Bild 1-6From 6 to 18 I played violoncello in orchestres, duos, trios and other combos. I went to the local music school and learned a lot about discipline from my back then quite old music teacher 😉 When I left home, I left my cello there, but some weeks ago, when I visited my parents, I thought it might be fun to take my cello with me. Unfortunately I forgot all my scores there, so when I then yesterday evening was looking on the net for some online sources, I came accross, who has some (il)legal stuff online – quite nice: some of them with the according midi or mp3 file, so that you get an orientation on how it could sound like 😉


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Fickr? Just a typo, and I would have thought it might be more erotic stuff than just a bad done chinese website 😉

Well, since I’ve got my flickr pro account I’ve to say, I’m a bit addicted to it – I would not have thought that it makes so much fun uploading your photos, receiving comments (I’ve not that much, but that might change) and critics in order to become a better photographer. My „hardware“ is a bit old though – just a Canon Powershot G1 – but it was the finest thing on earth when I bought it back in 2002/2003 with 3,3 megapixels ;). I’m thinking about buying a new Canon 400D or so, but my girl tells me, we first need a new sofa – one has to set priorities… 😉

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Parallels simply rocks!

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I’ve never bought a piece of software which was so useful than parallels. Parallels is an osx virtual machine which enables you to run an other OS in a separate window – like XP in one window, ubuntu in another and simply switching between them. No need to restart your mac – just make yourself two images of the OS you would like to run, and you can run nearly every program you like in there. I tried to play halflife in my windows home environment, but games wouldn’t work there yet, because of the on existing grapic-card drivers for my intel-based graphic card running in the macbook – but maybe that’ll change in the near future. What I find really astonishing is the quite good performance, though I only like to give windows about 800 MB RAM – it looks as if parallels really works with dynamic RAM adressing, because the RAM usage of my OSX changes with the usage I have when running windows apps, and not by just starting the software – this is really great ‚cause it leeds to a flawless working flow when e.g. developing websites and checking in different browsers. just launched

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We have just launched, which is a new website in both chinese and german language. It works as a portal for chinese managers to get a view on where their european collegues spend their money to 😉 The portal is led and was initiated by Ina Reckziegel who works as a journalist in germany

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Thanks to the team for the patience regarding all the chinese adjustments.

Btw: we are looking for a chinese service provider, in order set up a co-hosting location.