No I(nternet) E(xploder) for OSX

Bild 6 As for the last two month my satellite receiver is broke, I today thought I´d like to watch a movie again – let´s find one on the web. First of all, being a mac user, I went to the iTunes Store – nothing, besides some pixar-short movies I have all already seen. And, living in germany, I can´t buy items from the USA iTunes Store (btw. are there any movies younger than three years? Couldn´t find any). Then I went over to maxdome, the german VoD Store. Crap! they want me to install Windows Media Player because of some oldish, nothing but safe, DRM stuff. So I really went over to Mactopia, trying to find this old IE stuff – just thinking that it wouldn´t work in any way. And there I found the advice, that from January 2006 on, the IE wasn´t available for download for Macusers anymore – with the small advice to „go over to Apple, and „migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple`s Safari“ 😉 Well, why wasn`t MS so honest, to tell Windows users this on the MS downloadpage since 1998? So, no movie today for me and my Mac, because having found an interesting BBC documentation on Google Video, the stream was such a crap, I couldn´t bear it…It´s getting time, someone pulls the plug from the tube and free the movies…. (workin on it 😉 )

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