Easter Update

Dears, it´s been busy weeks, so here´s a small easter update I´d like to give to you:

Some weeks ago we started the Emscherplayer, which is a sound-archive for sounds of the Emscher. The „Emscher“ is a quite big river, which runs through the Ruhrgebiet and is in a completely re-naturalization process because it was abused as a waste-water channel during the last century. The „Emscherplayer“ at it´s now state will be further developed as a multimedia system for archiving and viewing pictures and movies, too. The presentation was led by Dr. Stemplewski, who is the president of the board of the EGLV, and Werner Hansch, who is the „voice of the Ruhrgebiet“ and a famous sports-moderator in germany.


Then there was the launch of mobile-macs.de which is a new Blog and Wiki enabled by o2. My agency gojou has done the design and technical realisation, while Björn did the project management. Thanks to all involved – you did a great job! The wiki has just been set up, and we are inviting users to contribute content to it: the goal is to set up a central place, for stuff around going mobile with your Mac.


We have really generated some buzz around it, as the daily stats figure out.

And last but not least we have been invited to Munich this week, to give a preview of our new german videosharing-platform vloop.de which we will be launching in an alpha version shortly. Thanks Burda for the kind invitation and the exciting chats we had throughout the day.

Now it´s easter and I wish you a some relaxing and comfortable days. Take care!

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