XBMC – Multi Media (Center) at the edge!

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Once in a while it get´s me, and I get my technology-virus. I then have to install some new server, reconfigure our network or … build a Medie Platform at home. I did so yesterday night with my modded Xbox (old one) and I have to say: it really kicks ass. I put a 60 GB HD into it and modded it with an executer evolution chip, which BIOS I flashed. And then I put the Xbox Media Center on it (XBMC) which is a sofware for Mulitmedia Playback issues – but it´s so much more.

First of all the Design of the skin is just beautiful – in the latest Version you got even event-sounds, when switching menues etc. The sytem plays back EVERY media – even my iTunes songs in Mpeg4 format (m4u) which I have bought, are being played back without asking for any permission or so – strange. It even shows the artwork of the CD covers.

But the cooles thing is, that the system has a build in web- and ftp server. Over its webserver one can control the hole system and use it as a remote control. This means I´m sitting on the couch, having my 12″ iBook beside me, and switching through the playlist….GREAT!

But there´s even more: some folks have written scripts which the XBMC can execute: Bittorrent clients, a german TV-Today client, weatherforecasts, Mail-Clients, Flickr for Photos and: a bloglines client.

This is really cool: it has a client to stream all the stuff from BBC media.

All in all I think the guys who programmed it really did a great job. It is well designed, very functional and quite mature – it´s not a unstable system done by some script-kiddies….

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