Pay per Call – advertising on the „live-web“

Experiencing the internet industry currently struggeling for new advertising models, one of them is „Pay per Call“: a bill is only generated when a potential customer is making a phone call to the advertiser – so it sums under the performance marketing tools. Currently I can´t see many solutions here in germany, but there are some in the US which look promisingly: Ingenio, Jambo, MIVA, VoiceStar (from which Webdesign point of view I like Jambo the best). MIVA is working on the german market, too, but I can´t find a „Pay per Call“ model on their german corporate site.

I´m not quite sure if this model will work here, but it fits into my thoughts of the „live“ – web: the connection between reality and web will become closer with raising bandwith and faster technology – as „Pay per Call“ will raise with the integration of Skype and VOIP in general, the acquisiton costs of new customers will decline. With new technology the „Cost per New Customer“ will never be as high as in the old times again: if companies invest their classical-media budget into new technology solutions, like „Pay per Call“ or performance based advertising, they´ll get tools to exactly control their acquisition costs. What does this mean for the „live-web“? There´s a new advertising market growing, which is available for everyone – theoretically: for the big players as well as for the small ones (small merchands,…). The only difference will be to be able to buy the leads – who controls the traffic, controls the distribution of the leads. Will there be a kind of open-source advertising-network? Will internet users be able to chose in the future from which they want to be phoned? From whom they want to get an offer? Will we be able to chose between the big companies and the small merchands? I think the lead-costs will lead to a separated market – the big players are already in the business – the small ones need to find solutions so that they can find their place in the market and offer their individual solutions.

Inspired through John Jantsch

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