How to crash an industry – or „Why Dresdner Bank will disappear in two years“

What have we learned from the internet-bubble? A lot! For example that if you are buying things in an online store you want them to be delivered asap. The internet-industry needed the crash in order to get back to serious business.

Now, what has happened since those days is, that you have „backchannels“ for better service, that you hava a voice with blogs, and that internet companies in general try to deliver better and better service every day. So far so good – but what about the „old“ industries. Are they getting better? What are they doing in order to improve service? I sometimes think: nothing. An example: I´ve just founded another company and wanted to open up a new bank account. Because this is a company account there was no bank I could find in germany to do this stuff online – it´s always just for private accounts. So, I went to Dresdner Bank. Dresdner Bank´s claim is „Die Beraterbank“ which is something like „Your good bank-consultant“. It took the man in front of the desk about an hour to fill in all the forms needed to open up an account. Unfortunately I forgot to take my passport with me – I only had my driving license, and several other documents with my photo on it – so my bank-consultant knew I was „Ingmar“. Ok, but he needed my passport. No, problem – „I´ll send it by fax afterwards“. I did so, but my passport was out of date since 11/05. „No I can´t open your account – your passport is out of date – please send my a new one!“.

Dear Dresdner Bank!

How can it be, that I´m spending about one and a half hour in your rooms, showing you several documents that I am who I am, sending you my passport which is out of date since ONE MONTH – and I can´t get an account? Why do I need your damn consultant? Every internet-bank with NO FEES, INSTANT DELIVERY could have told me the same: <check date>OUT OF DATE </check date>“sorry, your passport is out of date“ – where is your advantage when a „human being“, a bank-consultant, is not able to decide whether I may open an account at your bank?

From this I learn that your bank will go bankrupt in the next two years – so will all the old industry which has not learned yet, that paying human beings for doing computable stuff is just bullshit! A micorprocessor, which can decide the same, costs once about 70 EUR, a form asking a database of all passport numbers is max 1000 EUR – ONCE.

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