ibook: live and let die!


So this is strange: my ibook (800 MHz, G4) doesn´t work as it should anymore. being an ex IT-Pro, I know how to interpret the different sounds of computer components, so my feeling tells me, that my toshiba 30 GB wants to die soon – or doesn´t it? I´m confused: yesterday the ibook didn´t´work the whole day – didn´t want to boot anymore. This morning I plug it in, and it works pretty fine – fast as ever. No strange sounds anymore – maybe there´s a problem with the cooling? Does anyone know if the HDD has got an own cooler? This could be a hint to overheating when I was working on it the whole day, and maybe these strange sounds come from there, too. Anyways, this is much to insecure for my opinion and I have decided to change the HDD, so I phoned Gravis. Gravis is a big Apple retailer in germany where I also bought my ibook. Guess what? They could give me a service date not before the END OF JUNE. This is appr. 4 weeks. Just to change a HDD? How can a normal working person afford to have no working Apple during such a long period?! I can´t understand and find this service very very poor. So, Oli will help me to be a man, and change the HDD on my own (oh goodness, I´m a little bit afraid 🙂 )

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