Nokia adopts Microsoft

Ehm, no: I don´t think Nokia would actually buy Microsoft, but somehow I have the feeling their product- and company philosophy are merging. Why? Read on: I got my 6630 some weeks ago – a nice, quite powerful mobile. But suddenly it went off – mmh, battery isn´t that powerful (mine last appr. 3 days) but guess what? After recharging it didn´t boot anymore. Actually it tried to boot, but came in a kind of „loop“ – showing the Nokia logo, going off again, showing the Nokia logo turning off again. I but mine at T-mobile germany, so I went into the next shop and asked the friendly salesman if he might help me. He looked quite busy, took my phone and said: „No, It´s a software mistake, and I have to send it back to Nokia. It might take some time until you´ll get a new one.“ Mh, time is something I haven´t got too much of, so I went home looking for options. Some minutes ago I was succesful: Making a hardware reset solved the problem, and it´s so easy: just get off the sim and memory card, press the green button, * and „3“ at once, and turn your mobile back on. All settings are gone, but it works again fine. this somehow remembered me of the good old strg+alt+del times…history is repeating 😉

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