Jot out of BETA

Jot is going out of BETA by end of march, and they´ve published their pricings. I loved to wok with Jot during the last month, though haveing problems with MAC browser incompabilities. Now I´ve to say I find their pricings quite ok. What you can do with JOT goes much further than one might know from usual WIKIS. They´ve got „off the box“ ready applications: you can install (blogs [though without RSS feeds yet], taskmanagers, databases, etc…) and additionally you can write your own apps (in a „Jot-scripting“). So Jot is not directly comparable with projectservers like Basecamp (monthly subscription for a „Basic Plan“ inlcudes 15 manageable projects for 24$) or CRM´s like salesforce (995$/year for 5 users, + salesforce developer training experts service), but is a bit of everything and highly configurable. So if you are looking for a good knowledge-management, project documentation and team collaboration tool for small – midrange businesses your choice should be a 5 or 10 users license from Jot, which is 275$ and 550$ per year, with unlimited access to all of Jot´s features. Ths seems to be a really fair price, though I hope that we (and especially Ewa) might get an endless „free BETA“ for designing Jot´s demo tours 😉


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